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23rd July 2020
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29th September 2020
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Aquatherm Hot Water Suit

The Aquatherm has 3 continuous loop systems,in which each loop has equadistant outlet holes supplying an equal flow of up to 45Ltrs p/m of hot water throughout the suit. This system also eridicates any cold spots that might occur due to bends in the suit such as when the diver bends his elbows or knees.

FEATURES: The Aquatherms moulded shoulder and knee pads have been erganomically shaped to optimize diver comfort along with an offset zip making it far easier to get in and out of the suit. The suit also has wrist/ankle velcro mounts and comes with 2x Reinforced cargo pockets.

VALVE: (Patent pending) Designed by O’Three the Aquatherm’s valve is interchangeable due to its simple assembly allowing use in multiple suits. With this valve you don’t have to replace a full suit if it gets damaged on a job.Furthermore because of its simplicity technitians can quickly and easily maintain the suit offshore needing only an allen key.

MATERIAL: The Aquatherm is constructed from 2.5mm Pre-compressed, shrink resistant neoprene that has been externally laminated with a tough triple thread nylon. The resin impregnated neoprene allows for quick drying and increased durability.

CONSTRUCTION: The suit has been glued and blind stiched internally reinforcing the seams, this innovative construction method provides flexibility not seen in any other hot-water suits. Additionaly the Aquatherms hot water tubes can be completly removed and replaced easily, again making maintenance effortless and meaing there is no need to replace a full suit due to any damages.


Chambers Oceanics are the exclusive suppliers for O’three’s Aquatherm hot water suit, the most technicaly advanced hot water suit available within the subsea market.